Taylor Swift calls Katy Perry’s new intergalactic music video ‘GENIUS’… as the former rivals continue to strengthen their friendship


Support system: Taylor Swift calls Katy Perry’s new music video for Not The End Of The World ‘Genius,’ as the former rivals continue to prove they have made peace following a five year feud

Genius: The Evermore singer called Katy’s video starring Zooey Deschanel ‘Genius,’ as Twitter freaked out over their continued love and support for one another

Fight for love: The feud which dates back to 2014 caused speculation that initially it may be over both singers’ involvement with John Mayer as Taylor dated him in 2009 before he moved on with Perry in 2013; pictured April 2018

We used to be friends: The pair were notoriously very close until something seemed to tear them apart in 2014 and the real gloves came off and Perry tried to sabotage Taylor’s  Red Tour by stealing background dancer’s halfway through; pictured 2009

Peace at last: Perry shared a photo of a plate of cookies that said ‘Peace at last’ in 2019 nearly a year after she tried to end the feud by sending an olive branch ahead of Taylor’s Reputation tour; pictured June 2019

‘Beef free’: Katy cast Taylor in her You Need To Calm Down music video as they amicably hugged while dressed as a burger and fries while starting a new chapter of kindness and friendship moving forward; pictured June 2019

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