When Is ‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6 Out? Rumours, Teasers, And Everything You Need To Know


The longer the Peaky Blinders hiatus goes on, the more questions there are to be answered. What’s happening with Oswald Mosley? How many more times can characters come back as ghosts haunting Tommy Shelby before he gets an exorcism? What actually went down in the season five finale? And, most of all: when will it be back?

Though a release date is still unconfirmed (scroll to the bottom if you want to know exactly when Peaky Blinders is due back on our screens) production and filming for the new season was firmly underway before the coronavirus crisis. It’s in the early stages of firing up again going into 2021 though.

What should we expect from season six? Peaky Blinders creator and writer Steven Knight suggested that next time around we’ll see the Shelbys set on the path to war – and we’ve put together a handy guide to what to watch while you’re waiting for Peaky Blinders to return, you’re very welcome – plus little tidbits which keep leaking out of Peaky HQ.

Knight and the cast have dropped some juicy details about the production of Peaky Blinders series six, the show’s potential upcoming guest stars (and which faces are set to return), as well as some intriguing information about when it’s set, which historical events it will explore and how many more seasons it could run for. So even though the next season is still a way off, we do already know the answers to some of Peaky Blinders season six’s biggest questions.

Paul Anderson says it’s “coming fkn soon”

The formerly dead but very much back from the grave Arthur Shelby has reassured fans that everything is actually progressing along the track, however slowly. On Instagram he posted an illustration of Arthur looking suitably grumpy about having been interrupted, plus the suggestion that season six will be “coming soon”

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